Jabra Latham

Critics have responded to Jabra’s music with “thrilling writing” (The Mercury), “a wonderful listening experience, gripping, wholesome, moving, tender, and expertly executed” (MusicTrust), “a gorgeous meditation” (Classic FM), “arresting and vibrant” (Stage Whispers) and “catchy tunes & exceptional musicianship” (CutCommon). Jabra has been commissioned, performed and presented by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva, ABC Classic, Tasmanian String Quartet, Clinch Quartet, Virtuosi Tasmania, Southern Cross Soloists, Xyris Quartet and various soloists from Australia and abroad. Jabra is recorded and broadcast by ABC Classic, published independently and by TSO House, and has been supported by Government House Tasmania, Arts Tasmania, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Hobart City Council, Creative Partnerships Australia, The Banff Centre, Tasmanian Community Foundation, and private benefactors. His music has been streamed around the world over a quarter of a million times, and he is broadcast frequently, including daily as composer of the theme to ABC Classic’s Mornings program. Reviewers have described Jabra’s own playing as astonishing, virtuosic and energetic, and “the most remarkable saxophone playing”. Jabra has performed as soloist, orchestral and chamber musician and recitalist, working with the likes of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Chamber Orchestra, Gilmour Ensemble and Opus House. As a performer Jabra has championed the music of various other Australian composers (particularly those hailing from his home State of Tasmania), including Russell Gilmour, Karlin Love, Don Kay, Maria Grenfell, Simon Reade, Quin Thompson and Timothy Coghill, recording numerous albums of new Australian music and having five concertos written for him.

Works by Jabra Latham in Our Catalogue

LATHAM: Solo for clarinet
$44.95 inc. GST
Composed in 2019 at the request of Andrew Seymour, Principal...