HARRISON: Black Ice (2021) for Strings

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Black Ice (2021) for Strings

String Orchestra []

Commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra
Black Ice explores two sides of an Australian Winter – the harsh and treacherous, and the delicate and fragile. Within this, the work is primarily concerned with a winter hazard: black ice. Common in the Blue Mountains, black ice is an often-invisible layer which forms after snow or sleet, creating dangerous driving conditions. This can lead to slipping, sliding, and skidding – all activities that are imagined in the work during a mountainous descent. Yet not all is doom and gloom: through these motions, Black Ice pays homage to the thrill-seeking behaviour associated with the pursuit of Australian snow. Keep an ear out for the drama of metal and punk threaded throughout, along with the playfulness of blues and bluegrass.
Growing up, my family often referred to me as Safety Officer Harrison, due to my unparalleled ability to imagine a whirlwind of unforeseen hazards, so perhaps it is fitting that I am finally able to explore this in musical form!

World Premiere performance 20th March 2022, Australian Chamber Orchestra, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria, Australia.

Parts available for hire, please email tsohouse@tso.com.au for more info and pricing.
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Duration 8 mins

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