HARRISON: Hi-Vis for Orchestra (composed 2020, revised 2021)

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Hi-Vis, for Orchestra (2020)

Duration ca. 10 mins

2[1.pic]2[1.2/EH]2[1.2/Bcl]2[1.Cbn] – 4231 – tmp+2 – hp – str[]
[Whip/slapstick, small bass drum, hi-hat, ratchet, sports whistle, train whistle, 2 x woodblocks, vibraslap, egg shaker/maraca, tambourine, snare drum, splash and crash cymbal, triangle, 2 x toms]

Was commissioned as part of Holly’s Australian Composers’ School (ACS) residency with the TSO and was recorded by the TSO in February 2022.
Hi-Vis is inspired by night roadworks. For the majority of 2020 (and beyond!), major roadworks took place outside my Western Sydney home from 9am to 4am each night: flickering lights, continuous drilling, humming, reversing, beeping, and grinding. Yet, amid the lockdown times, I found the rhythms of machinery strangely comforting and exciting, and a gentle reminder of the existence of other people!
Hi-Vis is a re-imagining of these sights and sounds, but also a celebration of all things hi-vis, musical and otherwise. Think fluorescent, luminescent and neon colours, LED traffic batons, and, of course, workers in hi-vis vests. I began to imagine what road workers might be listening to, and how the contrast between the strobing lights and dark sky conjured up an almost nightclub-like environment. The piece loosely draws on ‘hi-vis’ elements of electronic dance music, brass fanfares, boot-scooting, and disco, all filtered through the constant on-and-off of earmuffs.
The world premiere was given by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eivind Aadland in the Federation Concert Hall, Hobart on 11th March 2022.

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