HARRISON: Hotwire for Viola and Orchestra (2019)

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Hotwire: for Viola and Orchestra (2019)

Holly Harrison

Duration 11:00 mins approx.

Written for, and first performed by Stephanie Farrands and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Elena Schwarz.
Hotwire is inspired by the act of hotwiring: starting an engine without the key, usually associated with vehicle theft. In this analogy, the orchestra is a luxury car and the viola, the thief. The viola hijacks the orchestra, taking it for an off-road spin across rugged terrain and cruise-control motorways. A wild police chase ensues! Stylistically, the work embraces bluegrass and metal guitar techniques, reimagined on viola, including a high number of slides, scrapes, bends, power chords, and whammy-bar wails.
Hotwire was commissioned by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra for the 2018-2019 Australian Composers’ School.

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