HARRISON: Jammed for Orchestra

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Jammed, for Orchestra (2018)

Duration 3.5 mins

2[1.2/pic]22[1.2/Bcl]2[1.Cbn] – 4231 – tmp+1 – str[]
Kit drum (w/pedal), Small cowbell, Hi-hat, Woodblock, Snare drum, Bongos, 2 Tom toms, Very small splash cymbal, Trashy cymbal stack, Vibraslap

Was commissioned as part of Holly’s Australian Composers’ School (ACS) residency with the TSO and was recorded by them in February 2022.

It’s first performance was with the TSO on the 17th August 2018 in the Federation Concert Hall, Hobart, Tasmania,  conducted by Elena Schwarz.

The title Jammed has two meanings. It refers to the main musical riff which is repeated and reimagined throughout: it is implied that the players are part of an improvised jam session, freely drawing from funk, rock, and metal styles.  The work also embraces the idea of ‘jam’ as something which is ‘stuck’. This is heard in the piece through jarring brass chords and rapid changes between sections, which could be likened to a CD skipping or vinyl warping.

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