HARRISON: POWER UP for Body Percussion & Orchestra

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POWER UP: for Body Percussion and Orchestra (2021)

Was commissioned as part of Holly’s Australian Composers’ School (ACS) residency with the TSO and was recorded by the TSO in February 2022.

POWER UP is a lively and energetic work with a strong rhythmic focus. Drawing inspiration from 80s rock, the body percussion imitates the drum kit heard in the orchestra, embracing the drummer inside each of us. POWER UP uses three recurring percussive patterns throughout, along with drum fills and simple hand actions. Keep an ear out for how the patterns change as different instrument families join in and how they match up with the orchestra over time, especially the brass. The final section accelerates rapidly towards the end – in this adrenaline-filled finale, I ask: can you keep up?!

Head to the TSO POWER UP PAGE for free resources, score, and how-to body percussion videos.

Parts available for hire, please email tsohouse@tso.com.au for more info and pricing.

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