KAY: String Quartet No.6

TSO House: Don Kay
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String Quartet No.6: On Truganini Track (2003)

Truganini Track (2.1km) winds steeply down from the Mt Nelson Signal Station to Taroona on the River Derwent. As you descend the rough track views of the river and open woodland on the hill-sides give way to dark, dank gullies with grotto-like places full of mossy rocks and ferns.
The work intends to evoke something of these contrasts, often abruptly juxtaposed and relieved by suggestion of bird calls, as if the eye and ear are engaged in a short journey of discovery in nature.

This work was requested by the Hutchins School String Quartet
Peter Clark
William Clark
Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba
William Hewer
This quartet was performed by the quartet several times in Hobart, Tasmania, and once in France at a festival of youth music in 2007.
Duration – 11mins approx.

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