POLDEN: Absoflutely for Flute, Classical Guitar, Soprano

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Absoflutely – Sonata in three movements for flute, guitar and soprano: Absoflutenlutely, Mutely and Tootly.

Angela Polden

Duration 8:15 minutes approx.
Download includes digital score and parts

Absoflutely explores the depth and breadth of life and should be performed with a sense of searching for meaning.

1. Absoflutenlutely is contemplative, reflective, tender and restless.
2. Mutely (Listen) is an invitation to connect with the source of life.
3. Tootly is a joyous dance, a celebration of breath.


Dedicated to Karlin Greenstreet-Love and Jennifer MacDonald in preparation for a collaborative performance with the composer.

First Performance

St. John’s Church, Launceston; Karlin Greenstreet-Love, Jennifer MacDonald and Angela Polden


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